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NameElizabeth Trainer or Cook
OutcomeNo proceedings

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When a crime has taken place it is often referred to the Crown Office for an opinion. In some cases, it went on to the High Court or the Sheriff Court. After some investigation, however, some cases did not proceed to trial and ‘no proceedings’ were taken. As there are today, there were a variety of reasons for this. For example, in some cases there was a lack of evidence, but in other cases the person was not medically fit to stand trial. The good news is that between 1825 and 1833 the paperwork in the cases where there were no further proceedings generally survives and can be fascinating, as the video below shows. This video is from our September 2023 conference when the records were released. Of course, all records of this age vary. In some cases there are detailed records but on other occasions it is very basic. Until we make the search it is impossible to know what we will find.

We can search for the record above in the Crown Office Opinions for the research fee of £15. As we search for this case we will also note all other cases. In time our database will become more comprehensive as we investigate these records.

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Not sure if this is your ancestor? Now that you have the jurisdiction, name and year from our index you could search historical newspapers which could give you the extra information you need to work out if this is your ancestor.

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Crown Office Opinions, NRS Reference AD13; Index, Scottish Indexes ( accessed 14 Apr 2024); Original Source: Crown Counsel Procedure Books, National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Index - Copyright Graham Maxwell 2023.
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